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Day 23 - Conversation iwth Zach Bloxham

 Day 23 “31 Days of Layton”
Meet Zach Bloxham, Candidate for Layton City Council.
Zach is married with two children and had lived in Layton for 5 years now.
Zach is an elder law and VA-accredited attorney, serving clients in matters of estate planning and appellate litigation. He lecturers on public policy issues around the State of Utah. Zach is a member of Utah State Bar, has served as a County and State Delegate, volunteered and worked for numerous federal and state campaigns, and occasionally hosts a radio show on KSL 1160. Zach was born and raised in Utah, and is a graduate of Weber State University and Gonzaga University School of Law. Zach is running to bring independent, transparent, and ethical accountability to city government. Visit www.facebook.com/ZachForLayton for more information.
Thanks for being a great neighbor Zach! 

Day 21 "Laura Sprankle"


 Day 21 “31 Days of Layton”
Meet Laura Sprankle
Moved to Layton over 20 yrs ago and raised her daughter in Layton, who is now 21. Laura is also a small business owner. She started Party Lite to not only make some extra money, but to also be able to give back to her community. Info on the amazing charities she supports and fundraising for special people can be found on her website Www.partylite.biz/laurasprankle
Thank you for being such a great neighbor Laura! 

Day 20 - Meet Chrissy Young

 Day 20 “31 Days of Layton”
Meet Chrissy Young
If you don’t know Chrissy, where have you been? Chrissy has lived in Layton for over 20 years. Chrissy was a stay at home Mom until about 4 years ago, she decided to become a realtor. The rest is history. Not only is Chrissy a great realtor, but she is a great community partner and friend. Thanks for being a great neighbor Chrissy. 

Day 17 - Gal's Garage

 Day 17 “31 Days Of Layton”
Meet Gal’s Garage
Rachel Walker is an interior designer by trade. After spending anywhere from $500-$5000 for rustic barn doors for her clients, Rachel knew there was a better way. Along came Gal’s Garage in 2018. Gal’s Garage was started in a small shop on Marshall Way in Layton and has grown enough that the manufacturing shop had to move to Kaysville (just barely outside of Layton)
With the support of her husband, Skylar, Rachel didn’t expect her business to grow so fast.
Not only do they do barn doors, they also specialize in historic restoration.
Rachel has grown to 10 employees and is excited to share with everyone that the American dream is alive and well in Davis County. It’s wonderful when you can find a small, local company that can not only save you money, but you are supporting a local team that works hard and gives back to their community. Thank you Rachel and the Gal’s Garage team for being such great neighbors.